Who is the Supreme Security Committee

After the victory, and remnants Elimination of Muammar Gaddafi system  from the capital Tripoli, a priority has been emerged as fill the security vacuum in order to provide safety and security of citizens Throughout the protection of facilities and the private properties, and create a state of confidence among citizens and contribute to return life to normal gradually .
In response to the urgent need for the Transitional National Council issued a resolution No. (142) for the year 2011 to establish the Supreme Security Committee to take That task and would be subordinate to the Council, and decision granting for the Members of the Committee a range of powers that help and according to what is available in achieving those goals.
After the announcement of the formation of the interim government, the Interim Council has issued  in its meeting which held on - 18, December 2011, Resolution No. (191) that dissolved the Supreme Security Committee and transferred it's subordination to the Ministry of the Interior in the interim government.
In - 28, December 2011 the Interior Ministry issued a decision to re-establishment the Committee under the name of (the Supreme Security Committee Interim), expand its activities to include all Libyan cities, after having contributed largely to the extension of security in Tripoli, and the witness on this, is the normal movement of people and their affairs daily, the text of the resolution, which bears the number (388) underline the target of this Committee which work directly under the Minister of the Interior.